Orc Arrer Boyz

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Orc Arrer Boyz
Missile Infantry
Units 90
Cost (MP) 500 (500)
Recruitment Time 1
Upkeep 125
Armour 30
Leadership 55
Melee Attack 23
Melee Defence 14
Charge Bonus: 10
Ammunition: 22
Range: 140
Weapon Strength
Base Damage: 26
AP Damage: 8
Attack Speed: 3.8
Bonus vs Infantry: 0
Bonus vs Large: 0
Building Damage: 10
Missile Damage
Base Damage: 15
AP Damage: 5
Shots Per Volley: 1
Reload Time: 11
Bonus vs Infantry: 0
Bonus vs Large: 0
Marksmanship: 10

Some Orcs carry bows. These Orcs, known as Arrer Boyz, are viewed suspiciously by the rest of da Boyz, for archery is considered a bit "Gobliny". As Arrer Boyz can prove their prowess in combat, such oddities can be overlooked. Still, it is best not to camp next to Arrer Boyz, as a hail of arrows periodically pincushions passers-by. Yelling rude names at Arrer Boyz is a proven way to alleviate camp boredom and the start of many a good ruckus. Arrer Boy Bosses are notorious dead-eye shots that often order their mobs to keep shooting corpses long after their foes have fallen as "it's good practice".